Using the trusted and valued educational resources of WOUB Public Media and PBS, the WOUB Learning Lab wants to empower teachers to use 21st century learning tools and media in their classrooms that are proven to impact student success.

Teachers can check out educational technology resources from the Learning Lab and integrate them into their classrooms. Representatives from WOUB Learning Lab are also available to answer any questions teachers might have to make sure teachers and students have a positive experience with the technology. WOUB Learning Lab is a go-to resource for high-quality educational advancement support.

 If you are interested in borrowing an item, simply create an account and request it.  We will see your request and contact you about how to get the materials to you and how and when to return them.  Remember that we are still available to to do "class take overs"  where we conduct lessons with the technology together with you and your students.  We can then leave the materials for a week or few weeks for you to explore further with your classes.